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I Found My Pants When I was 232 lbs!


While I was cleaning my room I found a pair of pants I thought I threw out. These pants were ones I wore all the time during my job at Dollar Tree. They are a size 24 in Women’s.


Also, it barely works, but I can stick my whole body into one of my pant legs. I found this awesome!


Now I wear a size 10-12 depending on the pants and the day. I could not believe I used to wear a pair of pants…

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Switching Up My Workout

I woke up this morning and really did not feel like going to the gym. It is colder outside and the weather is meh. I had no motivation to go to the gym and do my thing on a machine. I decided to do something though.


I pulled out one of my Just Dance games and decided to do it. I bought this last year and rarely played it because I barely knew any of the songs. It is rather funny how many songs…

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Transformation Tuesday: Selfie


Since I was feel a little discouraged yesterday I felt I should post something for transformation Tuesday.

Even when I was younger I used to post and take “selfies.” There was just not a word for it yet. Every time I feel like I look awesome or good I take this type of picture. If my hair looks awesome or my makeup I feel like I have to share with the world. No idea why..

2008 I was 19 years…

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Feeling Discourage Today

So remember all my hard work paid off? Well I screwed up my body with going away and the end of summer. I am so discouraged right now. I seem to struggle with my workouts, my clothes feel too tight, and I can not stop snacking. I feel discouraged.

I know this is a journey but this journey just stinks right now. Also, I hate how I get so much spam on this website. Most of the comments I get is…

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Music + Workout = Important to Me

Music + Workout = Important to Me


I do not know everyone else, but music is highly important to me when working out. Without my headphones and my iPod I can not even be bothered working out. Usually gyms play music I can not stand because they have to please everyone who works out there. A class also has good music for me to workout to. I use to take this spin class on Mondays but I had to stop. I could not stand the music. I am…

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Welcome September : Getting Back on Track

Welcome September : Getting Back on Track


Well it is September and this summer went really quick. If you do not know me I work at a elementary school in a disabled preschool and I go to graduate school for my MA in English. This year at work I am a 1:1 with a three year old autistic boy and I am very excited for that. Also, this is my last semester of graduate school! I am very excited for this new school year because being back on a…

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My Hard Work Paid Off

Just a small post today. Today I weighed myself and I was only up 4 lbs before going on vacation. This is awesome to me!! All my hard work this summer really had paid off. I was such a nervous wreck I was going to do the same thing I did last year in Jamaica. I gained almost ten pounds and that was after all the water weight and swelling went down. So to only be up four is truly awesome!

The four…

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Throw Back Thursday: Dear High School Self

Dear High School self,

It has been seven years since graduation and what I have learned over the last couple years was that I worried about the dumbest things and did nothing to prevent certain moments in my life. This is a letter to my senior year self.


1.) Don’t worry about what people think of you. Sure, people say hurtful things but that girl who laughed about your double chins had three…

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Transformation Tuesday: Feeling Confident in a Dress


For Transformation Tuesday I wanted to show off this picture to everyone. My before picture was during a rehearsal dinner for a friends wedding. I remember how much I loved my hair and dress in this picture. I actually felt confident in this picture. Confidence is great, but I was not healthy. A 5’1 23 year old should not be 332 lbs.
Even though I say I was confident in this picture I do…

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