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So Exhausted..But Trucking Along..

This week was a busy and rough one. My parents were away and a couple meals we had were not the best for WW or the Simple Start plan. My crochet class is tough and I knew this..but I can not do a single crochet stitch for some reason. So stressed about that. My day job was a little stressful this week too. I fell at work! It was so funny. I turned my body the wrong way and tripped between two…

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Taking Up On A New Hobby

I am still doing Weight Watchers: Simple Start. I have lost 3 lbs since I started. I have to lose 4 more pounds for my Diet Bet. Not sure if that will happen. The weight does not fly off like it used to in the past.

I have taken up a new hobby! This hobby keeps my fingers busy and I find myself not snacking as much.


I am learning how to crochet. Right now I am making a scarf. I am taking a…

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Tranaformation Tuesday: My Families Weight Loss


Upon request I am dedicating my transformation Tuesday to my family. My family has been a huge support in my weight loss and they are a huge inspiration.

My Mom started Weight Watchers back in 2012. She was over 230 lbs. Since she started my brother and I followed her lead. She made us realize our portion sizes at dinner were way too much and she stopped bringing really bad foods into our…

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A Different Kind of Workout

So my thighs are killing me and my abs hurt from my new type of workout. My new workout is part of my new job for this month.


I am working at Night of Terror at Mullica Hill, NJ. The attraction is number 8 of the most haunted attraction in America. I work in the fun house where all the clowns live. I spend almost four to five hours standing, bending, jumping, and running around a certain hallway…

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I Lost 2 lbs on Weight Watchers: Simple Start!

I have done Weight Watchers: Simple Start for a whole week and I have lost 2 lbs. I am so happy!! The Simple Start is really not bad. I still feel like I am still eating a lot of carbs. I want more protein in my diet. I will work on it.


I am working on my Dietbet as well. I was 164 lbs and now I am 162 lbs. I have to lose only five more pounds this month. I can do this! =)


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Dietbet and Weight Watchers Simple Start

Just a reminder that everyone should join the Dietbet I am apart of! The money pot is at 2,350! What is the Dietbet? In 28 days you have to lose 4% of your starting weight. If you complete this goal then you win money!

How do they know you are not cheating? First you have to take two pictures of yourself when you weigh in. You have to show one picture of you on the scale and one picture of your…

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Scare The Scale: A DietBet Hosted by Brooke: Not On a Diet

Scare The Scale: A DietBet Hosted by Brooke: Not On a Diet


I am excited to announce that I joined Brooke: Not on a Diet’s Dietbet called Scare the Scale. I encourage everyone to join in too!  Her Scare the Scale Dietbet  starts October 1st and ends the 28th. The last 48 hours of the bet is for weighing out. In order to join you have to put $25 into the pot. The biggest the pot the more you can win. In order to need to lose 4% of your starting…

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Weight Watchers: Simple Start


So, I have been doing Weight Watchers since 2012..and I am
bored. I am tired of counting a ton of points..I am tired of have 49 weekly points..and I am tired of doing all this but not eating the right things.

No more! I am prepping for Friday to start Weight Watchers program Simple Start. Has anyone followed this program? If so..let me know how you like it. Has it worked for you?

So how it…

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