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Transformation Tuesday: Awkward Teen Edition


I have been going through pictures from my high school career recently. I went to high school from 2003-07. I was always over weight and looking at this pictures makes me wish I did something sooner about my weight. It is what it is now.

The only time I ever did something was in middle school. Mom and I joined Weight Watchers and I lost over ten pounds but something happened and I stopped the…

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My Curse of Craving Food and Other Things

My Curse of Craving Food and Other Things

So lately I have been craving food. I have been craving food more than ever and it is rather annoying. I want crunchy and salty foods and I do not know why. When I watch television I have the urge to have my mouth moving at all times which makes me not watch television much anymore. I find myself chewing lots of gum lately. Also, when I have the urge to eat I will go out for a walk or go to the…

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I Lost 7 lbs in 7 Weeks

I Lost 7 lbs in 7 Weeks


I started being detailed and consistent on Weight Watchers again seven weeks ago. I was 165 lbs. I weighed myself this morning and now I am 158. Seven pounds!! I am so excited, but it is so interesting how much harder it is to lose the weight when you are not over 200 lbs.  When I read through my journal for WW, I did notice that my hypothesis on the summer season is really hard to lose…

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Transformation Tuesday

I decided to do a different kind of Transformation Tuesday today. Since May, I have been doing the Insanity workouts at my local gym and I have noticed results from it. I noticed results on my arms, stomach, and butt. Today I am showing off my arms.


The first picture is from April. I did not start the Insanity program yet. I thought my arms were awesome back in April.


This is my arm today. I…

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My First Day on a Weight Watchers


Two blog posts in one day?! I must be crazy. I found my first Weight Watchers journal. I found this amazing. I started on May 21, 2012. I was 232 lbs and I was only allowed 30 points. The detail on this post is crazy. I do write a little bit detail now, but as much now. Don’t get me wrong, the points are still correct but I am not very detailed.



I am now 159 lbs and I am allowed 26 points. I…

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Workout Gear

So nothing interesting has been happening with me on weight loss and fitness. Same stuff but a different day. I am trying to do another 5K in the future. I wanted to do the Zombie Run near me in September but I have a wedding that day. Does anyone know of fun and quirky 5Ks? I will do any 5Ks but I like when they are unique because I am not a huge runner.

So I found these cute workout tank tops…

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I Love Graze and You Should Try It!


So this is going to sound like an advertisement post and so what? I want to share this new website I stumbled upon with all my readers.

So one day Facebook was giving me strange suggestions and Grazecame up. I had no idea what this I clicked on it. Graze is this really awesome site that sends you really tasty snacks for only $6 a box. It is crazy what kind of snacks you get for a…

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Focus T25


Just a short post today, nothing crazy. Ever since I started Insanity at my local gym, I love these types of workouts. I am still a Bob Harper fan, but right now I am switching it.


So on my lap too I have the Focus T25 workouts and I do them in my kitchen. The workouts are not easy, but I can not get enough of them. I also like they are only 25 mins. Some workouts seem to go on forever which…

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