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Happy one year for me! Today marks one year since I started my weight loss journey. 

 This year has been a tough year with my weight loss and fitness journey but it has been worth it. I have lost a total of 71 lbs in one year. I have done so much in one year!

 I have learned how to eat right

I have learned what it means to be fit and work out.

I have joined a gym.

I learned I can run ten minutes without stopping

I joined a spinning class.

I said good by to the 200’s. 

I said good bye to plus size clothing

I gained confidence

I got my hair cut the way I wanted and was not afraid of how it would look.

I was on the Rachael Ray due to my weight loss

I met my inspirational hero Bob Harper

I became an inspiration to many people

 Most importantly I created this blog. FATSO is something that means so much to me. I feel that this is a place where I can escape and express my fears, struggles, and high lights. I feel that the people who follow me are truly inspirational and could be considered a family. Without you guys I do not know what I would do. Thank you everyone for making this year an amazing one. I hope to have many years ahead of me! =)


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